Welcome to Vesthimmerland

Vandring på de himmerlandske heder

What is Vesthimmerland?

Located in the North of Denmark, Vesthimmerland is with its unique nature and stunning coastline one of the most diverse parts of the country.


The unique nature of Vesthimmerland has been an inspiration to the golf architects behind the four golf courses in the area. Enjoy the courses as they wind their way through the countryside. You can also discover this part of Denmark by biking or hiking along the Himmerland Trail or the Hærvej. These routes take you past many cultural and historic sites. After a day on the beach, golf course or hiking trail, you can enjoy the gastronomy of Vesthimmerland with locally grown produce and fresh seafood. All in all, Vesthimmerland has something for everyone.



Swing your golf club in Løgstør, Aars and Hvalpsund! At all the places you have a beautiful view!


At the west coast of Himmerland you can experience outstanding nature along the 90 km long coast of the Limfjord.


The Limfjord is perfect for angling – but not many knows that!

Per Kirkeby

Per Kirkeby is known internationally as one of the great painters of our time, but also in the fields of graphics, sculpture, architecture, scenograph...

The Mussel Town Løgstør

The life in Løgstør has always depended on the fjord – It was also the herring fishing which made Løgstør go from a fishing village to an actual town.

Beaches by the Limfjord

All beaches here are family friendly. The water of the Limfjord invites you to swim as well as to do water sports - and the many wooden piers are a great opportunity for the little ones to catch some crabs from here.

Bike Holidays

Vesthimmerland has some of the best bike routes and scenic natural resorts in all of Denmark. Here we have gathered some of the popular routes there is in our beautiful area.

Top experiences of Vesthimmerland

Still don't know what to do? Here we've hand-picked experiences for you to do the next time you visit Vesthimmerland

Top Attractions

Here we've gathered attractions for both children and adults. Explore the list and find inspiration for your next trip to Vesthimmerland!

Top Gastronomy

Vesthimmerland is knows for its great mussels and experimental gastronomy. Expecially the town of Løgstør - which is know as the mussel-town has a wid...

Top Cultural experiences

Vesthimmerland is full of cultural experiences from both past and present

Top Family-friendly activities

Vesthimmerland is full of experiences for the whole family. Here we have gathered the most popular.

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