The Mussel Town Løgstør

The life in Løgstør has always depended on the fjord – It was also the herring fishing which made Løgstør go from a fishing village to an actual town.

Løgstør is a lively trading city. Specialties from Northern Jutland and traditional crafts - in the city there are bakers and butchers - as well as clothes, shoes or groceries from the supermarket.

The Mussel Town Løgstør

Today, the town is known as the “Mussel Town” and the mussels are not only to find in the fjord, but also in the menus of the town’s great restaurants, and in the townscape, where several mussel sculptures pay tribute to mussels of the Limfjord.


Maritime holiday vibes in the Mussel Town

In the summer, Løgstør oozes a great atmosphere and a wealth of activities for the whole family. You can enjoy live music in a league of its own at Kanaljazz and Løgstør Open Air or eat a lot of delicious mussels at the mussels harvest festival or the mussels festival.


Frederik the VII’s Canal

The canal is not only the home of a very popular marina, but with its 4.4 km also a great place for a wide range of experiences. Try a guided sail at the canal or experience the sail on your own in a canoe, kayak or dinghy. You can also follow the path along the canal at a running-/or hiking trip. By the canal, you will also find the Limfjord Museum, where you can experience maritime cultural history or pat a flatfish or tickle a crab in the exciting maritime adventure centre.

There are a lot of exciting attractions, in walking distance from the town centre you can find Løgstør Golfklub, which has a fantastic view of the Limfjord. A few kilometres to the north from the town centre you will find the Viking fortress Aggersborg – which in its glory accommodated 5000 viking in 48 long houses, and 10 km to the south is the historical Vitskøl Abbey located.


A lot of experiences for those who are fond of water

Everyone can romp in the fjord and the new established basin. If you cross the gangway above the canal by the Limfjord Museum, you will find Løgstør Lido. The lido consists of a 250 metres long sand beach with few pebbles and shells as well as a wooden pier. Closer to the harbour, by the ice-cream kiosk, you will find the new basin.