Per Kirkeby

Photo: VisitVesthimmerland

Per Kirkeby is known internationally as one of the great painters of our time, but also in the fields of graphics, sculpture, architecture, scenography, film and poetry, Per Kirkeby has made a name of himself.

Per Kirkeby became a professor at the Art Academy in Karlsruhe in 1978. His connection to Aars began two years later when he was commissioned to create a large-format oil painting. Since then, several projects have followed in Aars, including sculptures of bricks and bronze and a garden with an astronomical observatory. Kirkeby's work can be seen in and around Vesthimmerlands Gymnasium, which is right next to the museum.

In 1995, a 35 m long brick sculpture was inaugurated on Kimbrertorvet. The exhibition building of the museum was built in 1999.

"Bænken", Per Kirkeby

"Bænken"  Per Kirkeby - Aars - Vesthimmerland

Per Kirkeby & Aars

Aars is decorated with many sculptures and crafts. For example, you can find on every roundabout a brick sculpture by the recognized artist Per Kirkeby. Aars has since the late 70ies had a cooperation with Per Kirkeby, who is behind many of the buildings of the city, for example the Vesthi...

Astronomisk observatorium af Per Kirkeby

Astronomisk observatorium, Per Kirkeby - Aars - Vesthimmerland

The wall at Kimbrertorvet by Per Kirkeby

Murstensskulptur 1995, Per Kirkeby - Kimbrertorvet - Aars - Vesthimmerland

Vesthimmerlands Museum

A permanent exhibition about Himmerland's past. Special exhibitions dealing with art and cultural history. The collections include rarities of national standing dating from the stone and bronze ages. The prehistoric exhibition, The Cimbri-Himmerland-Europe especially deals with, the exce...

ALFA Vesthimmerland's House of Music

Vesthimmerland’s House of Music ALFA is a unique building, sketched by the idea of Per Kirkeby. The house frames great music- and culture experiences, music lessons and associational life. There are activities at all levels, from cultural school and high school to professional concerts wit...