Badestrand Strand

Beaches by the Limfjord

Photo: VisitVesthimmerland

All beaches here are family friendly.

The water of the Limfjord invites you to swim as well as to do water sports - and the many wooden piers are a great opportunity for the little ones to catch some crabs from here.

Beach with Blue flag - Ertebølle Strand

The beach consists mostly of stones in all sizes but has also small oases of fine sand. In the water the bottom consists of a mixture of sand and stones, but from the bathing jetty there is sand. You can be lucky to find fossils in the tall cliffs. The little house has an exhibition about ...

Løgstør Strand

Løgstør Beach – close to town- and harbour environment. You can find the beach close to Frederik the VII’s Canal and the marina. You can use the wooden pier or simply walk into the sea from the shore. If you prefer to stay on land, you can build sand castles, gather mussel shells or wa...

Trend Beach

A beach close to the holiday home areas. From Vitskøl Abbey to the south for the actual town of Trend you will find Trend beach. The many holiday home guests use this beach, and it is especially very popular to the children, since they can walk far out into the sea before it deepens.

Rønbjerg Beach

Rønbjerg beach is a lovely sand beach in the area of Løgstør. It is easily accessible for both children and adults. Moreover, has Rønbjerg Beach the advantage that is located very close to Landal Rønbjerg, which besides accommodation offers, among other things, tennis, play centre, water w...

Beach with blue flag Hvalpsund

Very nice and child-friendly beach. The diving tower offers challenges to the bigger children. Always a lot of guests. Very good access. The parking area is close to the beach. Good sanitary conditions, and even a single shower. There are 3 good surfing areas. You do not need to get far ou...

Bathing beach Illeris

Illeris Strand Bathing beach Nice beach with good access. Parking areas right by the beach. The bottom consists mostly of sand with a few stony areas. Very child-friendly since you go far before the water becomes deep. But at the same time you don't have to go far to have the wind. Exce...