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Hike the Ancient Road "Hærvejen"

Hike the Ancient Road in 6 days
Løgstør to Viborg (60 kilometers)
From 3500 DKK (€469)

Photo: Helle Rask

Hike & Bike Himmerland

The Trail of Himmerland

The path of Himmerland (Himmerlandsstien) is 79 kilometers long and open to cyclists, hikers and horse riders - please note that horses are only all...

Stiguide Himmerland APP

App: Trail guide Himmerland The app Trail Guide Himmerland shows local hike- and bike trails in the heart of Himmerland. It also entails: A...

Trail of Ertebølle / Hike&Bike

Bycicleroute Ertebølleruten nr 36 local + nr 12 national Fossil hunting Beach with Blue Flag Good surfing posibilities Diving Stoneage

Bicycle trail 29: Hvalpsund - Farsø - Aars - Nibe

Experience the beautiful trail through the landscape from Nibe to Hvalpsund along the old railway. You will pass Halkær Lake, Halkær Mill, which is a ...

Trail of Skovbakkerne / Lovns

The landscape of Lovs Peninsula was formed during the last Ice Age, when the ice deposited large, rounded hills. They consist of melt water sand, mora...

Hiking trail: Aars Forest

Aars Forest is a fairly new established forest from 1980 with 185 hectare.  The forest is north of the city of Aars between Aggerssundvej and Blæreve...

Trail of Vilsted Sø / Vilsted Lake

Hiking trail around Vilsted lake Vilsted lake is a great area for outdoor activities. The area around the lake is one of Denmark's finest restora...

Stream Valley of Lerkenfeldt

Hike the stream valley of Lerkenfeldt The stream runs 38 km from Mejlby in the East to Lovns Shore and pass by the villages Gl. Ullits, Vesterbøll...

Hiking: Ancient Road Aars - Møldrup (21 km)

When hiking from Aars on the Ancient Road heading south you will pass through some of the rich historical culture in Denmark. Before you start you hiking, we recommend you to explore the city of Aars which is one of the oldest settlements in Denmark. The first settlers came to the area...

Hiking: Ancient Road from Løgstør - Aars (ca. 27 km)

The Ancient Road from Løgstør to Aars follows the old railway road, which is now called Himmerlandsstien (The trail of Himmerland). When hiking from Løgstør to Aars you will pass through an area which is called de himmerlandske Heder (The Himmerland moor), which indicates how the whole are...