Golf på velanlagte golfbaner i Himmerland

Play golf in Vesthimmerland

Vesthimmerland is the region in Denmark with most golf holes per capita, and the golf courses are well-designed and versatile. The Danish golf season is longer than in most other countries in Scandinavia, and many of the golf courses are open all year round.

Naturally, Vesthimmerland is part of the prestigious golf tournament The European Tour with Made in Denmark 2014 to 2016 hosted by Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort in Gatten, Farsø.

So whether you are a complete beginner or golf pro, Vesthimmerland has something for everyone.

Golf in Vesthimmerland

With four first-class golf courses, Vesthimmerland is one of the best locations in Denmark for enjoying a golf holiday. The golf courses are all located in the beautifully varied landscape with lakes, streams and moors, and some of the courses even have a stunning view of the Limfjord.

All the golf clubs have pay & play courses, and the short distance between the clubs means that you can play on more than one course in the span of a day. The golf clubs are located in Hvalpsund, Farsø, Løgstør and Aars that all offer great holiday combinations of golf with family fun and exiting outdoor activities.

Stay in one of the excellent hotels in Vesthimmerland and combine golf with visits to galleries, shopping in the charming towns, walks on the many trails, days on the beautiful Limfjord beaches and tastes of the exceptional local cuisine. 

Overnatning til golfferien?

Sleep well while on holiday in Vesthimmerland.




Camp site, hotel or B&B, Vesthimmerland has something for everyone.



Experience more

Discover this unique part of Denmark by biking or hiking along the Himmerland Trail.

Spend a day on the beach relaxing and surfing or explore the historical local treasures.

Spis godt på ferien

Experience the gastronomy with local produce and fresh seafood.

Visit the numerous cafés and restaurants for a taste of Vesthimmerland.

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