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Fjordlystvej 21, Næsby

9681 Ranum



A few kilometres south of Løgstør is one of the oldest vinyards in Denmark located in a beautiful, hilly landscape with a view of the Limfjord. Here you can experience all facets of a classical wine production. The vineyards are located on a hill with a very calcareous soil, which gives the opportunity to create very characterful wines. The vineyard is on three hectares and all the wines are produced at their own winery.

The History

When the family back in 1988 returned home after spending four years in England, they fell in love in a building site by the Limfjord, with a phenomenal view of the island Livø. Luckily, some land was included in the site, which later should reveal itself to be of great importance to a dream which was out there waiting. The dream of growing wine came true and a vineyard run by two generations have occurred in the meantime.

Southern atmosphere – many says

The garden fuses with the vineyards, and there are plenty of space to unfold for children and adults. Terraces, pavilions and cosy places give the opportunity to always finding a great spot to relax and enjoy the good life.

Balance is the key word for a healthy growth

Nature can fight bugs who damage the vineyards by itself, if it will be allowed it. Glenholm Vineyard have built up a system of windbreaks and insect banks which encircle the vineyards. And, with lots of flowers (some will call it weed) between the rows, a self-regulating flora and fauna occurs. The wine needs to have aged a bit before it can make it in the competition of water and nourishment, but it is a pleasure to work with old wine, which thrives in this environment. It is worth the wait.

Classic workmanship

It almost feels like magic when the wine maker develops a wealth of scents and flavouring, which have been hidden inside the grapes, and it is exciting every year to smell and taste how this year will be.

More than just wine

Every single Glenholm Wine bottle reflects wind and weather, a unique soil, the wine farmer’s dedication in the field, the wine maker’s personal touch in the winery, a lot of time, patience and passion. The wine descriptions are general. Every year is unique and that is why the wine’s expression will vary. 

Bar & wine tasting

Come and share our passion and discover how exciting Glenholm Wine is. Who knows, maybe you will get excited as well?


The vineyards cover an area of 2.5 hectares, mainly with the sorts Rondo, Regent, Solaris and Orion.

Tours in July, August 
Tuesdays at 2 PM and Thursdays at 7 PM
Weekend: call for exact times

Sign up at +45 98 67 69 66 or

Group rates are determined individually

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Fjordlystvej 21, Næsby

9681 Ranum

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