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Trendvej 6

9670 Løgstør

The campsite is a family friendly site with good shelter just a few hundred meters from the Limfjord.

At the campsite it is possible to rent SUP-boards (Stand Up Paddleboards) 


Time for rental: Kl. 10:00-18:00

Rental prices: 

2 hours: 200 kr. 

4 hours: 300 kr. 

1 day: 400 kr. 

Security deposit: 500 kr. 

It is important that the people using the paddleboards can swim. 

A life jacket is included. 

All equipment is packed in a bag, and the you have to carry to the bag to the beach yorself. 

Please bring an ID when renting the SUP-boards. 




Trendvej 6

9670 Løgstør


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